Jay Andrew McTiernan

January 10, 1963 – January 4, 2013
Husband, father, son, brother, friend
We love Andrew and we will miss him.

Andrew’s greatest pleasure

was in the beautiful life he built with his family – his wife Linda and boys, Jack and Ewan. All of his attention and energy focused on helping them achieve the brightest possible future.

Dear Jay Andrew, If you only knew, your last two shows were standing room only. A tribute experienced only by a few. The casting was superb as they helped us laugh through our tears. And, a new young performer was discovered that has your charm and flair. He knew how to ask for the mic, and used it so poetically too. For a brief time, my dear brother, we all had the chance to live in both your worlds, Jay and Andrew.

And late one night, the pans began to dance, while we all watched Mom dance like a Queen. Who would have ever thought that it would be you who helped a close family develop even more love for one another. And yet why should I be surprised because didn’t we all learn to think differently from you. So what you have left us are wonderful memories and a story or two. And I am sure, as you would expect, in grand McTiernan fashion we shall take creative license with those stories that would make Charlie, Jumbo and Jack so very proud.

I know there will never be a day when you are not on my mind. But soon the sadness will turn to smiles, as I realize that no one could ever have had a more beautiful or better brother. And, although the journey was way too short, the chance to be a small part of that trip is something that will never be forgotten. Good bye Jay and Andrew.

Love Jeffeeee